Algebraic geometry (SS 2021)

This webpage contains lecture notes, homeworks for algebraic geometry. Disclaimer: contains mistakes. Use at your own risk.

Lecture notes:

Lecture 1 (01.03.2021) Abelian categories

Lecture 2 (05.03.2021) Sheaves. Sheaves form an abelian category

Lecture 3 (08.03.2021) Sheafification. Direct and inverse images.

Lecture 4 (15.03.2021) Exact sequences, exact functors, adjunction between direct and inverse image.

Lecture 5 (19.03.2021) Exactness and other properties of the inverse image.

Lecture 6 (22.03.2021) Derived functors (motivation).

Lecture 7 (26.03.2021) Derived functors (details).